Canada Visa Application: 100% working Guide

For You to be on This Post, It Simply Means you’re Seeking Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada and as such, you would like to know & understand The Canada Visa Application Process. Well, you’re in the Right Place. Why? That’s Because We Will Be Giving You A Step By Step Guide On How To Apply. Awesome Right? Well, Let’s dig right in.

It Will Interest You to understand That Canada Offers Amazing Opportunities For Immigrants trying to find a far better Life. Canada Has Friendly Immigration Policies; An excellent Standard Of Living, As Well As Very Good Health Care. As They Say, Health Is Wealth.

Canada has Flexible Immigration Policies. Nevertheless, If you do not know how to go about The whole Canada Visa Application process, Your Application might be Delayed or Rejected. The Canadian Visa Is What Gives You the right to move Around within the Country without worrying Or Intimidation. Therefore, if you do not Have A Visa, Entering Canada Is Impossible.

What Are The Types Of Canadian Visa?

This Question Above is very Crucial Because when you Understand the types Of Visa Canada Offers, you can make a good decision on which to go For: The Canadian Government Offers Visas In Two Major Categories, and They Are:

  • Permanent Residence Visa: This Category Is Soley For those who intend to stay In Canada permanently. This way, The Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Class Experience, Provincial Nomination Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program Offer Permanent Residency Paths Through The Express Entry.
  • Temporal Residency Visa: This Is For Foreigners Who will Stay In Canada For a brief period. Under This Category, you will be able to Find Visas Such As; Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Business Persons And Business Delegations Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Intending donor Visa.

Note: Temporary Residence Visa could also be Single Or Multiple-Entry. In what capacity? A Single-Entry Temporary Visa Allows You to remain In Canada For less Than 6 Months. Then again, A Multiple-Entry Visa allows The Immigrant to stay For Up to six Months At A Time and, It’s Valid For 10 Years.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

For You To Be Eligible For Canada Visa Application, you must make sure you fulfill the following:

  • Having enough funds to take Care Of Your Self During Your Stay.
  • You Do Not have Any Security Or Medical History.
  • Should Be ready to Convince The Immigration Officer you will Honor Your Obligations.
  • You do not have any criminal records in the past (Banned From Entering Canada)

What Are Canadian Visa Requirements?

The Canada Visa Requirements Are as Follows:

  • Fill And Complete the Appropriate Form regarding Your Interest On The IRCC Official Website.
  • Two Passport Photographs As Recommended By IRCC
  • A Valid Copy Of Your Passport
  • Fill And Complete The VFS Consent Form.
  • Proof Of Funds
  • English Or French Proficiency
  • Processing Fee Receipt
  • Trustworthy Medical record
  • Invitation Letter Detailing the aim Of Your Visit And Details Of Your Host.
  • A Self-Addressed Return Courier Envelope
  • Proof Of Ties To Your Home Country
  • Biometrics could likewise be Required.

What Is Canada Visa Processing Time?

Note That When doing the entirety of your Canada Visa applications, there’s No Definite Timeframe For It To Process. In any case,? There Are heaps of Variables that could back off Or Speed Up The preparing time. Two or Three Factors that can Affect The Pace Of Processing Are; Country Of Residence, The Queue Of Applications, The Accuracy of information Submitted, Verification Of Your Data, Etc. Regardless, Express Entry Is one of The Fastest To Process. It Normally Takes A Maximum Of 6 Months.

Where Can I Apply For Canada Visa?

You May Be Asking, How Then Do I Apply? Great Question! There Are Two Ways to apply. You’ll Apply Online Via The IRCC Official Website. You’ll Be Needing A Scanner, Hard And Soft Copies Of The Essential Documents Required. The other Recommended Option Is to apply Through a worldwide Visa Application Center Available In Canadian Embassies Or Consulates.

Submitting Your Passport

When You Are Notified, to Submit Your Passport, you’re To Submit Your Passport together with The Request Letter Through The Canada Visa Application Centre In Your Home Country. Note; If you’re Sending Your Passport To the same Visa Application Centre Where You Provided Your Biometrics, you’re NOT Required To buy Passport Transmission Charges. Also, you’ve got the option Of learning Your Passport Yourself, Or Through a licensed Representative, Or A Self-Addressed Return Courier Envelope.

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