A look into July 25 leaked phone conversation between Donald Trump and  Ukrainian president


The president of the united states of America; Donald Trump has been facing several impeachment threats both by groups and individual parties in the USA government.
Following the 2018 general election won by Donald Trump, several groups have been digging up so much controversial information about the president especially the Democrat which are mostly the major opposition group led by their Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She indicated that Trump’s continued actions, which she characterized as obstruction of justice and refusal to honor congressional subpoenas might make an impeachment inquiry necessary
Some of the allegations that have been beetled to the president were attributed to some shady involvement with the Russian government which the opposition group has used as a strong mark for his impeachment calls.
This research is based on the most critical part of the impeachment saga which is a complaint from an unknown whistleblower.
In August 2019, an anonymous profile officially wrote a letter expressing concern over President Trump’s 25 July phone conversation with the Ukrainian president. They said they had an “urgent concern” that Mr. Trump had used his office to “solicit interference from a foreign country” in the 2020 presidential election
While several suits have already been filed against Donald Trump by the opposition as regards to this intelligence, the possibility of impeachment is quite a high judging from the comeback article from White House on what really happened at the said date the call was made which we will read below. , the president has already defended himself by saying he did no wrong.
While this letter from the anonymous intelligence might seem like a clap back from the opposition is regards to the underground investigation by the president against his political rivals in the coming 2020 Presidential election.  
In May 2019 to August 2019, Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani pressed the Ukrainian government to launch an investigation that would have negatively affected Trump’s political rival Joe Biden in the 2020 election.
Giuliani and his associates asked Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation into the business activities of Hunter Biden. The pressure tactics were developed by Rudy Giuliani and Gordon Sondland and applied in part by two Florida businessmen and associates of Giuliani, Lev Parnas , Igor Fruman.
 Zelensky reportedly felt rattled by the pressure, according to Amos Hochstein, a former diplomat and a member of Naftogaz’s supervisory board, who alerted the National Security Council (NSC) of the matter in May 2019.
The proposed investigation of Biden was based on a 2015 push by the U.S. to remove the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin because he had been ignoring corruption in Ukraine and protecting political elites. At the time, this request had bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress and was also supported by the European Union. (Ukraine is not an EU member, but has sought to become one, a move that Russia and pro-Russia Ukrainians have sought to obstruct.) Joe Biden, who at the time was vice president, served as the face of this request. Ukraine fired Shokin in early 2016. Trump claimed that Biden’s true motivation was to protect his son Hunter, who served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings even though Shokin had placed his predecessor’s investigation into Burisma on hold.
It is quite unfortunate that in all Trump’s allegations against his political rival, no one has made a move to produced evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by the Bidens.
The rough transcript of the 25 July phone conversation with the Ukrainian president later revealed that Mr. Trump had urged President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former US Vice-President Joe Biden, the frontrunner to take on Mr. Trump in next year’s election, as well as Mr. Biden’s son.
The call came shortly after Trump had blocked the release of military aid to Ukraine. A senior official later testified that the president had made clear the release of this aid was conditional on Biden being investigated, but the White House denies this.
The USA government On September 25 released a non-verbatim memorandum of Trump’s conversation with Zelensky; on the same day, the whistleblower complaint was released to Congress. They claimed that Trump did not mention the hold on military aid in his conversation with Zelensky, but he repeatedly pointed out that the U.S. has been “very very good” to Ukraine, with which Zelensky expressed agreement.
Zelensky then asked about obtaining more U.S. missiles, to which Trump replied “I would like you to do us a favor though” and brought up his request for investigations.
When it seems like the White House was trying to defend the president but the above paragraph already caused huge damage in their part because they can’t deny the fact about the Investigation of Bidens and his son Hunter were among the phone conversation.
The whistleblower’s complaint alleged that the president used “the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country” in the 2020 presidential election (more on this later). They also said White House officials were “deeply disturbed” by the call and acted to “lockdown” all details of it
The memorandum of the conversation confirmed the allegations by the first whistleblower that Trump had requested investigations into the Bidens and had invoked a conspiracy theory involving a Democratic National Committee server, while repeatedly urging Zelensky to work with Giuliani and Barr on these matters.
Several members of the opposition group especially Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren described this sentence as a “smoking gun” suggesting a quid pro quo.
Top Democrats members, including Senators Robert Menendez and Chris Murphy, suggested that the hold may have been intended to implicitly or explicitly pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden.
Serhiy Leshchenko; the former Ukrainian presidential advisor said it was made a “clear fact” that Ukraine’s communication with the U.S. was dependent on discussing a future investigation into the Bidens, while another anonymous Ukrainian lawmaker said Trump attempted to “pressure” and “blackmail” them into accepting a “quid pro quo” agreement based upon cooperation.
The heat from the opposition especially the Democrats have posed a great threat to Donald Trump’s impeachment. Several investigations have been ongoing on the side of the president and the Ukrainian government.
A subpoena on September 27, 2019, was issued by the House to obtain documents Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had earlier refused to release. The said documents include several interactions between Trump, Giuliani, and Ukrainian government officials.
The documents were requested to be filed with the involved committees probing the issue; the failure to do so “shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry”, as stated in a letter written to Pompeo. The subpoena comes after several requests by the House to receive the documents from the Secretary which he did not fulfill. Several members of the House involved with the impeachment inquiry sent him subsequent letters stating that they will be meeting with members of the State Department who may provide further information.
The following week, a subpoena was also issued to Trump’s attorney Giuliani for the production of documents related to all the investigations and interactions between the Russian government.
The House Intelligence Committee On October 4, 2019, issued subpoenas both to the White House and to Mike Pence the USA Vice President for documents related to the whistleblower complaint.
The White House was requested to provide all the documents including audio tapes, transcripts, notes, and other White House documents related to the anonymous intelligence saga.
On October 8, 2019, in a letter from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to Speaker Pelosi and the three committee chairmen conducting the impeachment investigation, the White House announced their withdrawal from the investigation and would not cooperate with the ongoing investigation against the president.
In the letter, Cipollone said the investigation “violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent  that “The President cannot allow your constitutionally illegitimate proceedings to distract him and those in the Executive Branch. “The letter went on to say “[the investigation’s] unprecedented actions have left the President with no choice.
In order to fulfill his duties to the American people, the Constitution, the Executive Branch, and all future occupants of the Office of the Presidency, President Trump and his Administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional inquiry under these circumstances.”
This letter does not actually speak well for the Democrats House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who responded fiercely to the letter saying “The White House should be warned that continued efforts to hide the truth of the president’s abuse of power from the American people will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction.
Nancy Democrats have suggested that defiance of their investigation could provide evidence for a separate article of impeachment on obstruction. In past impeachment probes, Congress has treated obstruction of DOJ and Congressional investigations as an article of impeachment, either along with other alleged offenses (Johnson, Nixon), or even as its own sole basis for articles of impeachment (Clinton).
The most dramatic testimony came from Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union. He told Congress that he was working at the “express direction” of the president when pressure was put on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Mr. Sondland added that an offer of a White House visit for Ukraine’s president was conditional on the country publicly announcing a probe.
He also implicated Pompeo and former National Security Adviser John Bolton in the Ukraine dealings. “They knew what we were doing and why,” he said.
This inquiry could eventually see Trump removed from the .
Impeachment s the first part – the charges – of a two-stage political process by which Congress can remove a president from office. If the House votes to pass articles of impeachment, the Senate must hold a trial.
A Senate vote requires a two-thirds majority to convict. As it stands, this is unlikely given that Trump’s party controls the chamber.
Regardless, the July call is now at the center of an effort by Democrats to expel Mr. Trump from office. But for it to be successful, members of his own Republican Party would have to turn against him which is quite impossible in its own way.
President Trump pressing a foreign leader to investigate the discredited allegations against Biden is significant. Mr. Biden is a candidate for the Democratic nomination and, if chosen, he would be the man facing Trump for the presidency in the coming election in November 2020.
Biden who obviously is a leading rival for the presidency may have posed somehow a discomfort in the side of Trump that might do all it takes to suppress every strong rival which might possible brought the claims that Biden was working with a foreign power to influence the election. This – crucially – is against the law
There is no doubt that this is not the first time Mr. Trump has been scrutinized over his foreign connections. This was noticed in the 2016 election campaign that was investigated over its alleged ties to Russia. Meanwhile, the inquiry did not establish a criminal conspiracy to influence the election, but it also did not exonerate the president of obstructing justice.



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