Murder, sexual offenses, and other contact crimes rose in the past financial year, the Portfolio Committee on Police heard on Thursday.
As the police presented the annual crime statistics, MPs heard that there were 21 022 murders in the 2018/19 financial year – 686 more than the previous year and an increase of 3.4%.
Sexual offenses increased by 4.6% to 52 420 crimes – 2 312 more than the year before.
There were 18 980 attempted murders – an increase of 746 cases or 4.1%.
Assault to commit grievous bodily harm increased by 2.2% or 3 670 cases, to 170 079 cases.
There were 162 012 common assault cases – an increase of 3.7%.
Robbery with aggravating circumstances increased by 1.2% to 140 032 cases – 1 668 more than the year before. This category includes hijackings, cash-in-transit robberies, and robberies at commercial and residential properties. Burglaries at residential properties were the only sub-category that increased.

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Common robbery increased by 2% and arson increased by 5.5% to 4 083 cases – 214 more than the year before.
There were 113 089 cases of malicious damage to property – an increase of 1 597 cases or 1.4%.
In total, contact crimes – the categories listed above – increased by 2.6% on average.
The briefing continues.

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