The horn of Africa is located in the Northeast of African continent and it is a peninsula. It extends into the Arabian Sea and along the South of the Gulf of Aden. The countries that make up the Horn of Africa are Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti.

Bio data of Countries in the Horn of Africa of Africa : Fact, Geography, Religion and Economy
Name- Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Year of Independence: Never colonized
Capital City: Addis Ababa                               
Official Language: Amharic     
Currency: Birr of Africa : Fact, Geography, Religion and Economy

Name- Republic of Djibouti

Year of Independence: 1977
Capital City: Djibouti          

Official Language: French, Arabic and Somali
Currency: Djiboutian franc

Samori Toure’s Mandinka resistance against the French of Africa : Fact, Geography, Religion and Economy
Name- Federal Republic of SomaliaYear of Independence: 1960
Capital City: Mogadishu                          

Official Language: Somali and Arabic
Currency: Somali shilling of Africa : Fact, Geography, Religion and Economy

Name- State of Eritrea

Year of Independence:De facto 1991 and De jure 1993
Capital City: Asmara                              

Official Language: None but has a working language (Tigrinya, Arabic and English)
Currency: Nakfa

They are sometimes referred to as the Puntite by the Egyptians,  Abyssinian (Abyssinia, former name of Ethiopia), and are currently referred to as the Horners. The land areas covers approximately 2 million km2 (770 thousand sq mile)  and with a population of roughly 115 million people (Ethiopia: 96.6 million, Somalia 15.4 million, Eritrea 6.4 million, and Djibouti 0.81 million)  and they share border with Sudan to the North,  Southern Sudan to the West,  Kenya to the South and the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea to the East. of Africa : Fact, Geography, Religion and Economy

The Horn of Africa contains diverse terrains like the Ogaden desert, the highlands of Ethiopian Plateau, the Eritrean Coast as well as that of the Somalians and it is a home to Amhara, Tigray, Oromo, and Somali people. The Horn of Africa also called the Somalia Peninsula has three dominant religions that is widely practiced by the people and they are: Islam, Christianity and Judaism but they also have little segment of the population that practice traditional religion and practices.
The economy of the Horn of Africa according to IMF 2010 had a total GDP(PPP) of $106.224 billions and nominal of $35.819 billion. Some countries relies on export of products like coffee in Ethiopia and Banana and livestock in Somalia.
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